Zyme Kairos 2010 – 93/100

An amazing project from Zyme that blended with 15 varieties include 4 white grapes. Complex structure, gives lots of dark cherries, cocaa, espresso, vanilla and lots of spices. Also some violet note in the finishes. It doesn’t give a unique character from grapes however it is undoubtedly a brilliant wine. Try decant it before the first sip.
意大利Zyme 酒莊的一個奇妙新嘗試,以最少15種葡萄混合釀造(包括4種白葡萄)成Kairos,想法這令Kairos欠缺葡萄品種特色,但毫不猶疑是一瓶令人喜愛且會繼續追求的葡萄酒。帶有可可、咖啡、香草及餘韻有些紫羅蘭的味道,2010的年份還新,經8-9少時樽內醒酒令丹寧柔和、而且潛質更為開放。