Val di Suga Brunello Di Montalcino 2010 – 89/100

Owned and managed by Bertani Amarone estate in Valpolicella . A woody and over-oak nose , lots of berries. Sharp acidity and full bodied.  Fruits is obviously ripe in palate with leathery finishes.  Tannins are high and hard at this moment. Give it a bit more time perhaps another 5-6 years?

由意大利北部 Valpolicella 大型酒莊Bertani 持有及管理,Val di Suga Brunello Di Montalcino 在絕頂質素的2010 帶來了偏向木味(或者是過度經過橡木處理)及大量的莓果香,也有尖銳的酸度,酒體濃厚。味蕾上則有大量的成熟紅莓,後續則有皮革的味道。丹寧也偏向硬淨,或許需多待5-6年?