Renacer Enamore 2013 – 91/100

An interesting wine from Mendoza made by Amarone drying method. Blended with Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonada and Cabernet Franc. Intensive and concentrated aromas. Offers black plum, asian spices, dried fruits with slight leafy, sulphury note. Obvious appearance of oak with tobacco dominate the palate. With the appassimanto method drying the grapes it makes a more extensive body and concentrate fruitiness. A rustic wine which lacks the elegence of Amarone. Much better and soften after 4 hours of bottle decanting.

找到了一瓶頗特別的阿根庭酒 – 以意大利Amarone 風乾葡萄方法釀造,以Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonada and Cabernet Franc混合釀成。年份較新,香氣頗為集中濃郁,帶有許多黑李、亞洲香料、乾果的味道,Malbec帶來一些生澀的青草味,而且感到一些二氧化硫的味道。橡木及煙草主導了味蕾,酒體經過appassimanto風乾葡萄的方法的確變得更壯大飽滿,但欠缺了Amarone的優雅,經4小時醒酒柔順過後更佳。