Mazzei Siepi 2011- 92/100

Mazzei has been producing some of the best blend from Sangiovese and Merlot. 50% blend from both, there is open and opulent nose of dark cherries, forest floor, liquorice, dark chocolate and tobacco, the flavours are deep and concentrated with a dry cherry-like acidic finishes. Surprising well for early drinking and no doubt for another 10 years.

想到Sangiovese 和Merlot 葡萄的50:50,Mazzei 的Siepi 一直是我心目中出色的酒莊。2011年擁有豐富充實的深色櫻桃、森林、黑醋栗、黑巧克力及煙草香氣,味道濃郁集中往後帶有車厘子乾的酸勁後續。令人意外地,今天開瓶卻沒半點過早享用的失望,但亦毫不猶疑有10年以上的潛力。