Mario Schiopetto, Schiopetto IGT Venezia Giulia 2007 – 93/100

Deep golden color, made from 50% Tocai Friulano and 50% Chardonnay. Obvious influence of oak which makes the structure of this wine, giving aromas of mango and baked tart. The wine has an amazing flavors in palate –  with pears, almond, gingers and a nutty, caramel long finishes last for 30 seconds.

非常有趣而且令人驚喜的意大利白酒! 以 50% Tocai Friulano and 50% Chardonnay釀造,酒色明顯偏深的金黃色,有熱帶果實、芒果及焗果撻的香氣,入口之後於味蕾的力量更為深刻,啤梨、杏仁甚至帶點黃薑的味道,延續下去則有堅果及焦糖的悠長餘韻(接近30秒久之不散)。