David Duband Nuits Saint Georges 2011 – 89/100

Perfume-like floral aromas with enticing rose and fresh cherries, continues in palate with some coffee finishes. This NSG doesn’t give a complex structure but definate pleasure to enjoy with food. Silky, perfume and feminaine wine, soft tannins and inspiring that how pleasant a Bourgogne village red could be. Drink now to enjoy the fresh rose and fruits.
猶如香水般的花香,誘人的玫瑰及車厘子,往後的咖啡味道持續於味蕾之中。這瓶Nuits-st-Georges 雖沒有複雜的層次,但只要找到適合的食物配搭,這是瓶令人非常享受的紅酒。像香水般的氣味和絲質的柔滑塑造成女性化的酒,縱使這只不過是普通的村莊級酒但卻令人回味。適合及時享用,捉緊新鮮的果香及玫瑰!