Calon Segur 1998 - 93/100

Dark red color, gentle aromas of black currant, tobacco with smokiness note. After 17 years of aging the tannin is still solid, in the palate gives dark cherries, black tea and mocha flavours with a long finish of mint and vanilla. A classic Calon Segur which standout from any other Bordeaux classified growth. I would not hesitate to drink now. Feel improved after an hour of bottle decanting.

深紅的酒色, 帶有柔和的黑加侖,煙草和煙燻的後續。接近16年的樽內陳年後丹寧依然結實,於口內帶有黑莓,黑茶和巧克力咖啡的味道, 往後也有薄荷和雲尼拿後續的餘韻。1998是典型的Calon Segur,往往和波爾多其他列級酒莊中展現獨特性,雖然可以在存放多年但豪無猶疑喜歡現在的狀態。樽內醒酒1小時後更好。